“I want to rank #1 on Google and I want to rank for [insert keyword or keyword phrase here]. How soon can this be done?”

I hear this often as an SEO. Of course we’d all love if it were easy to rank over night. The tough part is is that Google has so many algorithm changes, approximately 500-600 per year, and thus it is nearly next to impossible to rank consistently for a large period of time and for many keyword terms or phrases.

The shift in search engine optimization from focusing on keywords and keyword phrases should not be the main concern. In fact, if you have an awesome product or service we can look at why we don’t have to worry about Google so much.

As online marketing continues to evolve, we need to look into what’s happening now and what will happen next. In 2014, a huge push in marketing efforts was to focus on writing quality content. Creating any content is not good enough. Search engines favor quality content over the quantity of content.

The content you create needs to stand out and provide your users value. Remember that your website is your 24/7 sales rockstar, so your content needs to be speaking to your customer and relate to them even while you’re sleeping.

You will also want your visitors to take action on your website. Remember that it’s unlikely your website users will read all the the content on the page they land on. So your content needs to avoid fluff, be visually appealing, and encourage the user to take an action.

As SEO’s, we look at user behavior. W look to see where a user comes from before visiting your website and how they interact with your website once they are on it. And we focus on ways to increase conversions from your website.

Questions to ask yourself while writing content

It’s vital to provide a great user experience for your website visitors. Ask yourself:

  • What questions might my target audience have and what answers can I provide them?
  • Am I adding value through this content I am writing?
  • Am I guiding the user to take a specific action?
  • Is this content aesthetically appealing?
  • What do my bounce rates look like?

Writing quality content can be a daunting task. If you are looking for help, or need advice, contact us today. We want to see your hard work turn out successful for you.

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