Have you wondered what will come after COVID-19? Right now, the world is living day-to-day. New announcements and daily briefings are being held. And the impacts of COVID-19 are surreal.

In Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine and Doctor Amy Acton are leading Ohioans and the United States through this pandemic. They are holding daily briefings at 2:00pm EST. #WineWithDewine and #SnackinWithActon have become a normalcy in Ohio. Having daily briefings at 2:00pm everyday allows us to have some routine in such uncertain times.

And as we are living day-to-day at the moment, I can’t help but wonder how the world and businesses will be impacted by the coronavirus.

Future Impacts of COVID-19

We know the world will be forever changed by this pandemic. Many things changed after the 1918 Flu from healthcare shifts to business operations and difficulties for babies in utero exposure. We can absolutely learn from the 1989 Influenza Pandemic, especially in how we prepare. So, how will we all be impacted after this pandemic? Here are some opinions:

Divorce & bankruptcy law firms

Will divorce lawyers have booming businesses from families having to isolate together? Was this time together too much to bear for some? And it’s likely more people, unfortunately, will need to file for bankruptcy as economies and businesses are severely impacted.

Medical malpractice law firms

Will medical malpractice law firms be booming? When decisions are made on the fly amid the pandemic, will normal procedures and surgeries fall through the cracks and have less attention leaving more room for errors?

Commercials and ads.

Will we see commercials and ads 10 years from now: “Were you overly exposed to antibacterial agents from the COVID-19 pandemic and are suffering from ‘X’?”

Tech and virtual workspaces.

Will tech and virtual workspaces be booming as companies were forced to find ways for employees to work safely from home? Technology for video conferencing is being used more than ever. And companies are forced to see how a business functions when employees are virtual. Will business owners adopt this model of working from home or working virtually?

Will virtual medicine be adopted regularly?

We know there certainly are barriers for some individuals to physically be able to make appointments. During this pandemic, regulations were lifted for teletherapy services so therapists could still offer therapy and bill clients. Patients are encouraged to call doctors and have video appointments instead of coming in. Will this forever shape how people make appointments with their healthcare professionals?

Will electronic voting go mainstream?

Electronic voting would allow people to easily vote. Due to the pandemic and the need to practice social distancing, we saw the primary election become postponed in some states. Will this be a point, more than ever, to use digital technology that’s available to make voting easier than ever?

Consumer behavior will be forever changed.

There are many people who prefer to shop in person, but the coronavirus forced those people to get out of their comfort zone requiring them to do more online purchasing. It will be interesting to see the shift in e-commerce from this pandemic. Is your business coming up with a plan to adapt?

Environmental impact.

Will air quality and the environment improve? Many people are tweeting and posting about the air feeling fresher and landscapes being more visible. Will pollution levels be monitored and recorded further proving a need to be more conscious of our carbon footprints? Will more regulations be put in place?

What are your thoughts?

How do you think we’ll be impacted in the future by COVID-19. Leave your comments below!