Connect with your customers.

Erika Port Consulting Group is a Cleveland search engine optimization (SEO) company. Our main specialties are organic SEO, local SEO, content optimization and online reputation management.

Through our digital marketing services, we improve our client’s online visibility and profits. How do we do this? Simply put in jargon-free terms, we take who you are and we make it stand out. Your ideal customers are looking for something; Some change, some answers, some resolution to their needs and wants.

They have some problem needing a solution. Some need awaiting fulfillment.

We make sure you are the one that reaches them. We make sure your potential customers find what they need through you and your digital footprint.

A business was born.

Every business has a story…

Simon Sinek once said, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” So why do we do what we do?

I grew up around entrepreneurs. I watched them log the man hours and make the decisions that led to their success. Being allowed to see this first-hand, I knew it was for me. Throughout my undergrad at John Carroll University, I took my first stab at starting my own business. Scented fake flowers. While I did this, I took internships at Cleveland marketing agencies and expanded my understanding of the industry.

Eventually I moved to working in house where I was tasked to educate a third-generation, family-owned business where I quickly worked my way into every aspect of their online marketing, using the lessons I learned in my agency days. Here I was able to manage their website redesign, implemented strategies across all social media channels and aided their inbound marketing efforts. I never lost my interest in owning my own business, though.

One day out of the blue the marketing director called me into his office. For any young employee this can be nerve wracking. But I maintained my cool and approached with confidence in my work.

“You have a lot of potential,” he told me, “and you have helped us so much with our marketing efforts. But, unfortunately, there isn’t the room here that you need to grow.”

My heart began to pound with nervous anxiety.

“We’re wondering if you would be interested in starting your own marketing company. We would be your first client.” Suddenly the world went quiet, except for the excited voice in my head screaming and dancing with pure joy.

He handed me a business plan packet and gave me 30 days to get my business filed and set up. I had never had anything like this happen before and I’m truly grateful to him for that day. Within 30 days I founded Erika Port Consulting Group and had my first client growing and building their digital presence. Since then I’ve added more across many industries.

But that’s my story. Now it’s time to hear yours. Fill out the form below and tell me why you do what you do. How can I help you to make your mark?