We are a Cleveland based, boutique-style digital marketing company helping your business get found online.

Erika Port Consulting Group is a small, boutique-style marketing company located in Cleveland, Ohio. We improve your online awareness and increase your profitability through our social media consulting, content marketing, and search engine optimization marketing services. We have 7+ years of digital marketing experience serving small to mid-sized companies. We serve business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), and eCommerce clients.

Our core values are: Be fair. Be honest. Be educational. Improve enterprises. How do we achieve our values? First, we cut out the marketing jargon and truly educate you on what our services mean to your business. If you’re paying for a service, it’s important to understand it! Our pricing is fair. We do not charge expensive “agency pricing,” yet we have the experience to achieve your goals. We are honest. We will tell you what will and won’t be effective for your business and we will not nickel and dime you. Lastly, we improve enterprises. Check out our Case Studies!

Industries we have experience with:

builders & residential building
fashion & clothing
food and beverage
health & wellness services
juvenile products
private equity & investment
real estate
restaurant & drinking establishments
wealth management & financial

Erika Port Headshot PhotoErika Port, Owner

Ever since Erika could remember, she wanted to have her own business. During her undergraduate studies at John Carroll University, she was heavily involved in entrepreneurial programs and had a multitude of ideas that turned into hobbies, but never into a true business. Erika found a passion in the marketing industry through her job experiences and combined her passions of marketing and helping others and formed her business, Erika Port Consulting Group. She thinks the small and mid-sized business owners are the true celebrities and rock stars in Cleveland. Each business owner has a story and Erika enjoys helping business owners achieve their marketing dreams.

  • Our Story

    Since Erika Port could remember, she wanted to own her own business.

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  • Case Studies

    Our case studies give a high level overview of some of the challenges our clients faced, the strategy we built for them, and the results we achieved.

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