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Content Optimization

Attract and engage customers.

When a potential customer visits your website, what do you want them to do? What will they actually do? Will they stay and read your content and take an action or will they hit the back button and find their solution somewhere else?

Far too often, businesses focus on writing content – any content – without focusing on what its customers really need. And this content is usually written without thinking about what it wants its potential customers to do while on its website. Far too often, businesses write what it thinks the customer wants to hear…but is it really what that customer needs?

Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves. Who are you talking about on your site? Are you talking about what you can do and what features you have? Or are you showing how valuable you can be to your ideal customer? Are you showing them how you can improve their life?

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. DemandMetric

What is content optimization in SEO?

In the easiest to understand way, content optimization is making sure your content is written, structured, and organized in a compelling way. In a way that will reach your target audience and move them to take measurable and meaningful action.

Content has been a large part of SEO for decades. The old saying “Content is King” is very much still a thing. But having content isn’t enough. Having the right content is what matters.

Customers must have their needs met

Imagine buying a car and walking into a dealership. The salesperson approaches you.

“What do you need today?”

“A car.”

“Fantastic, well the first car was built back in 1885 and was the Benz Patent Motor Car. After that…”

Sure, this salesperson knows about cars…but do they know about the car YOU need. This is the problem that so many companies get into. They create content to meet a quota or keyword or word count…but never think to focus on what the customer needs.

Content optimization revolves around understanding what it is the customer needs, and then structuring the content in a way that meets their needs, answers their questions, and moves them to act on it.

Good content is compelling and meets the needs of the intended audience. It rallies a person around an idea or a goal. Quality content reminds them that you know why they are on your site and you will take care of them.

It starts from the moment someone does an online search, arrives on a webpage from a search result, reads content, and decides to stay with company through the entire purchasing process.

Are you guiding your ideal customers? Are you proving yourself to understand their unique and individual needs while holding their hand and leading them to what they look for…or are you simply hoping they find their way?

With effective content optimization, you’re providing search engines with information they find relevant to your ideal customers’ searches. Your content isn’t just your website’s copy – it can be displayed in the form of text, images, videos and news updates on search engine result pages.

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