If you have a business, you know that it’s hard work. Long days and nights. Decision making. And the sacrifices.

Behind every business is a “why” story. It’s the driving factor of why a business began. Usually this “why” is driven from passion and filling a customer’s needs and wants.

If you run a small business, you know you wear many hats. There’s more to your title than “founder,” “CEO,” or “president.” As small business owners, we are often performing many roles such as marketers, accountants, decision makers and more.

Many times, we find ourselves asking, “where has the time gone in the day?” And sometimes, it can even be isolating working for ourselves as we aren’t going to a 9-5 job anymore surrounded by people. This can be especially difficult for entrepreneurs who are extroverted.

On paper, having a business is something many people envy. We are used to hearing success stories and the luxuries a business can offer, but we often don’t hear about the sleepless and restless nights and sacrifices entrepreneurs face.

But, we started our business for a reason. Look back at why you started your business. If you’re finding yourself in a tough period, go back to your why. What made you embark on this journey of entrepreneurialism?

Once you discover your why, lean on it. Especially in the difficult times of running your business.

What is our why?

Why did I start Erika Port Consulting Group? It’s an interesting story how I arrived here. Long story short, I grew up around entrepreneurs. There’s an argument out there about whether entrepreneurs are born or made. I don’t have a specific opinion on that debate, but I can tell you that I felt compelled to work for myself even at a very young age.

I’m creative and am always coming up with ideas. Yes, I’m that person that sleeps with a note pad near by because I usually come up with ideas when I’m trying to sleep. I suppose that’s how creative minds work sometimes. But, my real why is that I truly enjoy helping people and I find entrepreneurs to be fascinating people.

Growing up around entrepreneurs, I got to see the pros and cons of owning a business. I marry my creative marketing skills to my enjoyment of helping others along with my knowledge in marketing and created Erika Port Consulting Group where I  help business gain more visibility and sales from search engines. Plus, I also like being a woman in tech. 😁

Bonus: Unsure what your ‘why’ is? Discover your ‘why’ is by reading Simon Sinek’s Start With Why

What is your why?

We’d love to hear more about you and your business! Tell us what your why is in the comment section below.